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Registration Agreement

  1. Don’t kill people mindlessly, this is immature, stupid, and takes the fun out of the game for everyone.
  2. Respect higher ranks, listen to them and take their advice.
  3. NO BOOSTING, HACKING, GLITCHING OR ANY OF THE SORT. also stupid, immature, and a ticket out of our crew. we will not have bad sport or cheater members.
  4. use your mic. if you don’t have one, buy one. don’t be a cheap ass. 
  5. no chirping, bitching, arguing. if theres a disagreement, it will be sorted out with a fist fight. were men.
  6. Rep your gang colors son. 
  7. Report to the hangout after joining every crew game. 
  8. Be mature, chill out and have fun. Have a good sense of humour and make the best of the crew.
  9. Note that this is a 420 friendly crew. just don’t be comin up in here like stuttering and shit. thats wack.

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